Environment & Quality

We are all responsible for the quality of our work 

In our business, quality is a central concept. We are not satisfied with the work from "just-in-time" and "right the first time". We have a desire to constantly evolve with our customers, and see ourselves as an extended arm to our customers. 

To succeed, build our client relationships on trust and understanding. 

We work from the motto of "active management" which is one of several important pillars for building a competitive company. 

We are also working on the basis of the motto of "continuous improvement" which is done through policy's, measurable goals and action plans, training, and by checking against the demands. 

The most important quality issues for the business 

To serve and respond to the customer in a positive way, and perform services that are in accordance with customer requirements. 
To have competitive prices. 
Constantly look for improvements to enhance customer satisfaction and a minimum of quality deficiencies. 

Our motto is: We must add value to our customers and produce logistics services to the right quality.