With third­party logistics as our speciality, Karlshamn Express tailors logistics solu­ tions to suit our customers’ requirements. Customers can instead concentrate on their core business and rely on us doing what we are best at ­ effective warehouse management. 

Store with Karlshamn Express
• Generous warehouse area of about 20,000 m2. 
• Parts of the warehouse are classified as food-grade 
• We have authorisation to store alcoholic beverages. 
• We cooperate with about 40 customers in a wide variety of industries - from

  wine and cheese importers to building materials. 

Reduced costs 
• Our economies of scale give a cost-effective alternative to customers having their

  own storage and logistics. 
• Reductions in tied-up capital result when fixed costs

  are replaced by variable costs. 
• Third-party logistics is the core of our business - we can probably reduce costs,

  eliminate the risk of shrinkage and give customers a better level of control. 

All types of warehouse management 
• We help with everything from unloading and delivery to warehouse and warehouse

  system, through to issue, picking, loading and transport to the customers’ customers. 
• We handle the entire flow of incoming raw materials and packaging as well as

  manage the finished goods. 
• Customers also have full control over available articles in stock, orders placed and

  other information via a web-based inventory program in which the customers’ 
  sales staff and purchasers can place their orders directly with us. 

Bonded warehouse 
• Several customers use us for bonded warehousing. They do not pay any duty or

   value-added tax during the warehousing period.